researchED National Conference 2019

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Saturday September 7, 2019 - Saturday September 7, 2019

09:00 - 17:00

Chobham Academy

40 Cheering Ln, East Village, London, E20 1BD

NFER is presenting at this year’s National researchEd Conference.

Session with Caroline Sharp, Research Director

Flexible working for teachers: how schools can make it work

10:10 - 10:50, Room M203A

How schools attract, develop and keep good teachers is one of the main challenges currently facing the teaching profession. Lack of part-time and flexible working is an area that NFER’s research has consistently highlighted as a barrier to maintaining staffing and attracting new and returning teachers to work in schools. One potential solution is for secondary schools to embrace flexible working more fully than they do at present. Of course, schools need teachers to take classes and support pupils, so how much room is there for flexibility? Who wants flexibility and why is it so difficult for schools to provide? Caroline Sharp will present the findings from NFER’s research into part-time and flexible working in secondary schools.

She will be joined by John Tomsett, Headteacher of Huntingdon School in York, who took part in the research to discuss their approach, share their dilemmas, and illustrate how it works in their school.

Presentation - Flexible working for teachers: how schools can make it work

Session with Liz Twist, Head of Assessment, Katherine Fowler, Research Manager and Parveen Akhtar, Researcher

What we can learn by scrutinising pupils' errors?

11:50 - 12:30, Drama Room 2

Members of the team will talk about using assessment outcomes diagnostically to inform teaching and learning. We will look at how carefully constructed questions can be used to identify misconceptions and gaps in learning.