The Brilliant Club Conference 2018

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Friday July 13, 2018

09:30 - 17:30

Nene Park Academy

Peterborough, PE2 7EA

On Friday 13 July, The Brilliant Club welcomed delegates from schools and universities, charities and other organisations, as well as policy makers and researchers, to collaborate on the theme, Measuring Up: Research, Evidence and Urgency in University Access and Student Success.

The conference focused on improving pupil outcomes by exploring the interaction between research and impact, facilitating the sharing of expertise and practical activity, as well as challenging the sector to consider the effectiveness of its approaches and how we can do better.

At this event, NFER's Zoe Claymore spoke on what influences a pupil premium pupils’ secondary outcomes. Using national data this session presented new research into the family and school characteristics which have the strongest relationship with attainment and progress. It will identify what influence a pupil’s peer group has on their results and whether the relationship between certain background characteristics and attainment is the same for all pupils or varies by pupil premium eligibility. The session also discussed implications for schools on how to support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In addition to Zoe's speaking session, NFER Research Director Caroline Sharp was on a panel entitled 'What makes an effective summer school?', which discussed the research evidence on effective summer schools and how should organisations monitor and evaluate summer schools.

 Slides from the event