The Future of Teacher Training and Recruitment

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Wednesday July 3, 2019 - Wednesday July 3, 2019

08:45 - 16:30


Jude Hillary, Head of Centre for Policy and Practice Development at NFER will be attending this inside government event to give a keynote session at 13:30 on England’s teacher supply challenge, and discussing how can we retain more teachers.

England’s teaching workforce is facing a perfect storm that has been gathering for several years. It is characterised by rising pupil numbers with the number of secondary school pupils forecast to rise by 19% over the next decade; increasing proportions of teachers leaving the profession; and a failure to recruit sufficient new teachers to meet targets, particularly in maths and some of the sciences. Jude Hillary will talk about the teacher recruitment and retention challenge that is facing schools, describe the nature of that challenge, and draw on the research NFER have been doing to offer some ideas of what to do to meet that challenge.

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