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The PISA 2012 reports for England, Wales and Northern Ireland are available: PISA 2012 in the UK







PISA 2015 happened in Scotland in March 2015. Students were told by their schools if they had been selected to take part. Students were chosen at random across all countries so that all different sorts of students got a chance to participate.

The survey included a computer-based assessment and a questionnaire about student’s attitudes to school, learning and science and questions about their background. Students were encouraged to have a go at answering all the questions in the assessment, so that they had the best chance to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. For the questionnaire, students were told that they do not have to answer any questions that they didn’t want to provide answers to. The sorts of questions asked in the questionnaire can be seen in the student questionnaire used in PISA in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2009.

As well as the student questionnaire, PISA asked participating schools to provide some information about their school. Students were also asked to take home a questionnaire for their parents to complete. All responses were treated in confidence.

The PISA field trial took place in March 2014 in Scotland. We are very grateful to all the students and parents who took part. Their contributions were very valuable and were used to improve the main survey for 2015.