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The PISA 2012 reports for England, Wales and Northern Ireland are available: PISA 2012 in the UK






PISA 2012 in the UK

The National Foundation for Educational Research ran the PISA 2012 survey in the UK. PISA 2012 reports for the UK are available via the following links:

More than 550 schools in the UK were invited by the NFER to take part in PISA 2012. The survey took place in Scotland in March 2012 and in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in November 2012.

How were schools and students chosen to participate in PISA 2012?

  • All areas and all types of school were included, to give a representative sample.
  • Schools were randomly selected by the international team which runs the survey.
  • A sample of students in the age group were randomly chosen to take part.

What did students do?

  • Students answered questions on maths, science and reading. Some students in England also completed computerised problem solving activities.
  • They also answered some questions on their background and on their attitudes and experiences.
  • The survey took place at their school, during normal school hours.
  • There was no need for any special preparation or studying for the survey.

Schools did not need to administer or collect the tests and questionnaires. A trained PISA administrator brought everything to the school and ran the session. All marking was done by the NFER.