PISA Research

The last PISA survey happened in 2015. The international report for PISA 2015 was released on 6 December 2016 by the OECD. The national reports for UK countries were also published on that day.

2015 National Reports

2012 National Reports

National reports from earlier PISA surveys are available for download at the following links:

  • National report for England (2009 | 2006)
  • National report for Wales (2009 | 2006)
  • National report for Northern Ireland (2009 | 2006)
  • National report for Scotland (2009 | 2006)

To view NFER Summary briefings on PISA 2015 results click here.

Other sources of information are:


Department for Education – International comparisons of education

Department of Education in Northern Ireland

Welsh Government

Scottish Government International Surveys – PISA

NFER website

PISA Based Tests for Schools, available from the NFER