Practical Research for Education Issue 40

National Foundation for Educational Research

01 December 2008

practical research for education keeps headteachers, students, researchers and classroom teachers up to date with the latest research in all aspects of education. Articles can be used both for private study and as a starting point for group discussions, staff meetings and INSET courses.

Published twice a year, both in print and online, the journal includes regular features: Profile interviews with well-known researchers and theorists, Tool-kit articles that equip people to do their own research and Letter from the chalk-face, which offers readers the opportunity to write about their own experiences of doing or using research.

Many articles are available for free download at the journal’s website


Profile: Andrew Pollard
Gail Goodwin

Tool-kit 7: Using appreciative inquiry in research
Maha Shuyab, Caroline Sharp and Michelle Judkins

Using support groups to improve behaviour
Joan Mowat

Reading – a pleasure or a pain? Attitudes to reading in years 4 and 6
Claire Hodgson

Teaching inference skills in reading
Anne Kispal

Letter from the chalkface: research inspires a new professionalism
Rosemary Harvey

Thinking outside the box: learning from a school research project
Helen Crawley and Alison Lawson

Understanding Fischer Family Trust output
Ian Schagen

practical research for education conference 2008
Allison Chownsmith

Free online database of current research: CERUK plus
Dawn Sanders

Switching on the light – some reflections on staff development to support inclusive learning
Rob Rodgers

Maths, science and gender: messages from TIMSS
Linda Sturman

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