Evaluation of Future Blogs: Final Report
Evaluation of Future Blogs: Final Report

Ben Haines and Suzanne Straw

Research Report, November 2008

The Royal Society of Chemistry commissioned NFER to undertake a qualitative evaluation of the Future Blogs e-mentoring scheme. Future Blogs is an innovative e-mentoring scheme that links pupils studying chemistry with a mentor from a university or industry.

The evaluation involved consultations with Future Blogs project managers and with teachers and students who had participated in the scheme.

The findings showed that pupils had enjoyed and benefited from participating in Future Blogs.

Key Findings:
  • support with understanding chemistry
  • developing a greater understanding of higher education and career choices
  • promoting a greater appreciation of chemistry in the wider world.

The report provides recommendations to promote greater pupil engagement in the Future Blogs scheme in the future. These recommendations relate to:

  • project management including: linking e-mentoring to other outreach and enrichment projects, improving monitoring and reporting on student usage of the website, and providing financial recompense to project coordinators within higher education
  • project organisation and structure including: supporting the sharing of learning and good practice amongst teachers, providing training specifically targeted at teachers, and developing tasks on the Future Blogs website for pupils to work through independently or with support from their teachers
  • pupil selection and promotion to new participants including: the provision of clearer guidance to teachers on which pupils to recruit and the organisation of events where pupils can meet their e-mentors prior to their involvement in the scheme
  • website development including: more interactive facilities and key stage specific resources.

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Sponsor(s): Royal Society of Chemistry

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Haines, B. and Straw, S. (2008). Evaluation of Future Blogs: Final Report. Slough: NFER.