An evaluation of Royal Society of Chemistry careers advice and materials
An evaluation of Royal Society of Chemistry careers advice and materials

Pippa Lord, Jennie Harland and CAroline Gulliver

Research Report, November 2006

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In the light of a decline in the popularity of chemistry post-16, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) commissioned the NFER to undertake a study to determine how pupils make subject and career choices regarding chemistry, and to evaluate the materials it produces to promote the chemical sciences to young people.

Key Findings:
  • Young people’s chemistry-related subject and career choices were influenced by their perceptions of chemists and careers in chemistry, and their experiences of chemistry in the curriculum as difficult.
  • Chemistry tended to be taken as a means to another end, such as medicine or veterinary science.
  • The young people found the RSC materials visually appealing and liked the promotion of wide-ranging aspects of chemistry and chemistry careers.
  • They recommended that the materials should be made available at all times, and especially at key early decision points (for example, in Year 9).
  • The young people wanted greater directed use of the materials. They also recommended that personal copies should be made available for use in pupils’ own time.
  • They also wanted greater contact with chemists and those from industry (for example, via talks, demonstrations and work experience).

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