School improvement: Beacon Scheme Round 8
School improvement: Beacon Scheme Round 8

Chris Hackworth and Andy Barson

Research Report, October 2007

This EMIE at NFER report has been published in collaboration with Aspect and is one of two reports from the IDeA Beacon Scheme Round 8.

Co-authored by Chris Hackworth and Andy Barson, Aspect consultants, this report synthesises information collected from each of the winning authorities.

It includes:

  • information from discussions based around the 10 'mechanisms of influence to promote educational outcomes' outlined in the New Local Government Network report (2006), Schools of Thought - How local authorities drive improved outcomes in education
  • five extra features identified as essential to achieving excellence as a Beacon authority.

A Digest of documents submitted by each of the five winning authorities is available on the EMIE website.

A further report on the Healthy Schools theme is published by EMIE at NFER.

Local authority staff may download these reports for free from the EMIE website.

Further Information:
Format: 36pp, ISBN: 9781905314584

How to cite this publication:

Hackworth, C. and Barson, A. (2007). School Improvement: Beacon Scheme Round 8 (EMIE Report 89). Slough: EMIE at NFER.