Evaluation of the PhunkyFoods Programme: Final report. Executive summary
Evaluation of the PhunkyFoods Programme: Final report. Executive summary

David Teeman, Frances Reed, Gill Bielby and Emma Scot-Sims

Research Report, September 2008

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The PhunkyFoods Programme (PFP), launched in 2005 by Purely Nutrition, teaches primary children key messages related to healthy eating and physical exercise in a light hearted and fun manner through art, drama, music, play and practical experience with food. It aims to enhance pupil performance, increase concentration, and improve behaviour, motivation and self-esteem. The overarching aims of the research were to evaluate the effectiveness of the PFP in terms firstly of its implementation in schools, and secondly of its impact on pupil outcomes.

Key Findings:
  • was popular with school staff, parents/carers and pupils
  • lesson plans and resources were viewed as well designed, fit for purpose and easy to use, and fitted well into schools' existing health-related activity
  • fitted well with whole-school initiatives to promote healthier lifestyles, such as the 5-A-DAY campaign and achieving and maintaining NHSS
  • had improved knowledge and awareness amongst pupils, and most pupils reported positive changes in their eating behaviour and physical activity
  • had supported the teaching of health-related issues. It had also enhanced and developed the knowledge and confidence of those delivering the programme and contributed to professional development
  • clearly helped expand, embed and enhance health-related teaching, through increasing school staff competence and confidence, complementing other initiatives and positively impacting on pupil knowledge, attitudes and behaviour.

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Teeman, D., Reed, F., Bielby, G., Scott, E. and Sims, D. (2008) Evaluation of the PhunkyFoods Programme: Final Report. Executive summary. Slough: NFER.