Children’s Services research interests

Our study asked Children's Services interviewees about their priority areas for research, now or in the future. Their responses are listed below.

Schools, learning and education

The integration of Children’s Services departments following the Children’s Act 2004

Service oriented and structural priorities

Social, societal and interpersonal factors

A number of issues which affect the wellbeing of children and young people were viewed as requiring research:


Evaluating the impact of initiatives aimed at promoting effective parenting was considered to be an area of significant research need. Constructing models of best practise in supporting the parents of children and young people with problem behaviour was also seen as important within this topic area.

Pupil health and welfare

Successful targeting of services, initiatives and education aimed at promoting positive physical and mental health to pupils was identified as an area of research need or interest by LA officers. Specifically mentioned were: tackling obesity, improving wellbeing and happiness and strategies for obtaining the pupil’s voice in relation to their health and welfare.