Commissioning for impact

The importance of considering commissioning-related issues

NFER research found that many Children’s Services directorates have no formal systems for commissioning research, instead commissioning on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis when time and funding permit. Established processes were formerly used in some directorates, but have lapsed due to constraints on time, capacity and funding. Where this has occurred, interviewees express the desire to have them reinstated.

‘We had links…but these have fallen off the agenda because there’s no room and everything is driven by central department impact’

The lack of formal process was attributed by some interviewees to the infancy of the integrated Children’s Services departments, and plans to develop a process were anticipated as this new structured matures.

It is essential to use good quality research to inform policy and practice. Having an organised approach and considering some key factors when commissioning research will contribute to its quality and impact.

What makes commissioning effective in Local Authorities?

How to keep staff well informed

What else Local Authorities can do to increase the impact of research