Research Toolkit - Volume 1: The how-to guide from practical research for education

Alison Lawson

09 July 2008

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One of a range of research books designed to help practioners run research projects in education.

Interested in research but unsure how to do it?

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The regular Tool-kit articles published in the practical research for education journal equipped readers with the knowledge and skills to carry out their own research. Now gathered together in one volume to provide easy access to the first six articles, the Tool-kit is useful not only to teachers, education researchers and education students, but to anyone interested in social sciences research more generally.

Written in accessible language with illustrative examples, the Tool-kit covers:

  • planning your research project
  • an introduction to sampling
  • using the right questions in research
  • how to search for literature
  • what to do with the results of your literature search
  • how to gather evidence of pupil work

With a foreword by Andrew Pollard, Director of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme, and an afterword by Sharon Butler, a teacher engaged in research in her own school, this Tool-kit is more digestible than a weighty text book on research methods. If you’re thinking about doing your own research, this book will help you every step of the way.