Centre for Assessment

Assessment development

For over 60 years NFER has been developing tests and other assessments for many sponsors. These tests can be summative or formative and can cover a wide range of topics and are useful for assessing people of all ages. Tests are not only produced on paper, but can also be computerised, giving advantages such as rapid marking, providing feedback and tailoring of the test questions..

Why test?

Some key purposes of the summative or formative assessment that we have developed for use in schools are:

Assessment development

There are four main elements in most test development cycles:

Why ask schools to help?

In order for there to be a range of quality tests suitable for use in all schools we need the help of pupil samples during the development stages of the tests.

More information

Information about how we work with schools is available in our NFER for schools section.

Information about NFER’s involvement in international surveys is available via the Centre for International Education