Centre for Assessment

Centre staff

Members of staff in the Centre for Assessment have a wide range of experience and expertise in assessment research and test development.


  Liz Twist
  Head of Assessment Research and
  Product Development

  Angela Hopkins
  Head of Contracted Assessments   and Research


  Rob Ager


  Parveen Akhtar


  Louise Bailey


  Heather Bamforth


  Frances Brill

  Bethan Burge

  Jemma Coulton

  Chris Dixon

  Katherine Fowler

  Sarah Gibb

  Jonathan Greenwood

  Hazel Griffin

  Neal Hepworth

  Claire Hodgson

  Nathan Hoon

  Emily Jones

  Anne Kispal

Lisa Kuhn

  Laura Lynn

  Michelle MacDonagh

  Emily Mottram

  Jane Nicholas

  David Simcock

  Oliver Stacey

  David Thomas

  Joanna Williams


  Vassily Zavialov