Centre for International Education

About the Centre

NFER’s Centre for International Education exists to bring global insights to improve education in the UK, and to support the development of education systems worldwide. We bring in-depth, specialist expertise across a wide range of education topics and research methodologies.

We have a leading reputation in international large scale assessments that dates back over fifty years, and have led delivery of major studies including PISA and PIAAC for the OECD; and TIMSS and PIRLS for the IEA. Our success is a result of a unique combination of assessment expertise (working closely with NFER’s Centre for Assessment), an experienced research operations team, highly qualified statisticians, and a detailed knowledge of global education policies and systems. NFER is a founder member of IEA and AEA Europe. More details of our track record in international large scale assessments is available here)

The Centre also works closely with NFER’s Centre for Information and Knowledge, which specialises in gathering evidence and intelligence on education policies, programmes and systems. We provide briefings highlighting education issues across a range of jurisdictions and undertake literature searching and reviews in order to synthesise the evidence base. NFER hosts the Eurydice Unit for England, Wales and Northern Ireland as part of a Europe-wide information network; and previously managed and developed the INCA website over a period of 17 years. More details of our information and knowledge services is available here.

We also provide research, evaluation and consultancy services to support development, monitoring, evaluation and learning for education policies and programmes in high-, middle- and low-income countries. Our comprehensive research offer enables us to develop national assessment systems; evaluate teacher development programmes; undertake randomised controlled trials of school and classroom interventions; build analytical capacity for governments; and much more. More details of our international track record in supporting education systems is available here.