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Bespoke review services

When running your own review you may need help or support with particular elements. NFER offers bespoke services for review clients, including providing single or multiple elements of a review. Bespoke review elements can include, singly or in combination: search strategy development, database and online searching, coding, quality assurance of searching, coding or search strategy development, or reference management.

In addition to offering stand-alone review elements, providing rapid evidence assessments, rapid reviews, scoping studies, or offering full systematic reviews for clients, we can also tailor a review to your specific requirements. If, for example, you have: a specific budget or timeline, a defined scope, desired outputs, require a report to be descriptive, or would like an output focused on future action, we can provide a review to meet your exact needs.

We can also offer training in how to complete reviews, or how to get the best out of databases, websites and search engines.

For more information on our literature review work, please have a look at our reviews brochure.