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Season of birth and age of starting school


Reading list - season of birth (2010)
Prepared reading list

International review: The influence of relative age on learner attainment and development (2009)
QCA commissioned the NFER to undertake a review of recent international research and policy on the issue of relative age.
Executive summary and link to research report

International research and policy on season of birth (2009) Presentation given by Caroline Sharp at the Westminster Education Forum on the Future of the Primary Curriculum,
June 2009

Compulsory age of starting school in European Countries (2007)
Table summarising information on school starting ages in the 34 countries participating in Eurydice, the information network on education in Europe
Online table

School starting age: European policy and recent research (2002)
LGA Seminar paper by Caroline Sharp, reviewing school starting ages in different countries
Conference paper

A lasting legacy? The persistence of season of birth effects (1999)
Conference paper given by Dougal Hutchison and Caroline Sharp at BERA 1999, discussing research on the effects of season of birth on younger and older groups
Conference paper

Age of starting school and the early years curriculum (1998)
Paper by Caroline Sharp presenting an overview of research into early years education, addressing key questions including starting age. An annotated bibliography is also available
Bibliography and conference paper

Research into season of birth and school achievement: a selected annotated bibliography (1995)
This bibliography from 1995 provides usefully annotated references to research examining season of birth and achievement.
Selected annotated bibliography

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