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Implementing the London Ambitions Careers Offer (November 2017)

This accessible PowerPoint guide for school senior leaders and teachers provides evidence-based illustrations of delivery of CEG within some London schools and colleges.

How to deliver an effective grant-funded project on technical and professional education (June 2017)

The Edge Foundation commissioned NFER to provide a short, accessible grant fund guide including guidance on how to prepare, implement and evaluate effective grant projects to maximise impact.

Give Yourself the Edge: How to do great employer engagement (March 2017)

The Edge Foundation commissioned NFER to develop a short, accessible guide for any school or college considering how to extend their engagement with employers and build lasting engagement employers.

NEET prevention - Keeping students engaged at Key Stage 4: Final case study report (April 2016)

Final report in a series examining the impact of school-based programmes in place to prevent young people from becoming NEET.

How to provide meaningful experience of the world of work for young people as part of 16 to 19 study programmes: Top tips for senior leaders in schools and colleges (April 2015)

Top Tips guide offering advice to schools and colleges wishing to further develop work experience opportunities as part of their 16-19 study programmes.

Improving employability: Connect card (March 2015)

Produced by NFER with three partner organisations to help schools and colleges develop effective partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

NEET prevention - keeping students engaged at Key Stage 4: Top tips for senior leaders (November 2014)

Advice for schools in delivering support programmes for young people (14-16) who have no substantial issues or barriers but are still at risk of disengaging from learning.

Creating a research-engaged school: A guide for senior leaders (July 2014)

Guide based on research conducted by NFER in partnership withUnited Learning on the uses and perceived impact of engaging with research on teaching and learning.

Careers engagement: A good practice brief for leaders of schools and colleges (April 2014)

Published by NFER, ASCL, ATL and the 157 Group of Colleges, this good practice brief highlights the principles of effective careers education, information advice and guidance in schools.

Reading the signs: A discussion aid for identifying the reasons why young people may disengage (October 2013)

Tools for practitioners, created to support schools’ efforts to re-engage young people at risk of becoming NEET but who do not face multiple and complex barriers to learning.

Employer involvement in schools: A practical guide for headteachers (April 2013)

Based on evidence from a literature review conducted by NFER.

Preventing young people from becoming NEET: A practical guide for headteachers (May 2012)

Practical guidance for school leaders in supporting young people to make positive transitions.




Evaluation of the Work Experience Trials
Providing high-quality work experience: how do we do it?
Presentation given by David Sims and Sarah Lynch to the FERA Conference 2014.
Download the presentation  


Growing talent through work experience: how do we do it?
Presentation given by David Sims and Sarah Lynch to the FACE Conference 2014.
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Changing attitudes towards vocational education and apprenticeships
Presentation given by Tami McCrone to the Sutton Trust-Pearson Higher Ambitions Summit 2014.
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