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Sharing innovative approaches and overcoming barriers in delivering 16-19 study programmes' principles

Thursday 30 April 2015

This seminar brought together school leaders with responsibility for 16 to 19 study programmes, with employers and learners. Participants shared case stories of effective and innovative practice, showcased meaningful experiences of the world of work for young people, and discussed how schools and colleges have overcome challenges in providing work experience.



Tami McCrone, NFER
Details of the research that led to this event, and its conclusions about what makes for effective work experience.


Yolande Burgess, London Councils
The importance of work experience to young people, and the role of schools and colleges as part of a wider family of support.



Experiences of young people and employers


Georgia Brown,
Year 13 student
Experiences of placements at JP Morgan and PwC, how these have helped Georgia develop her own ideas, and advice for other young people.   


Sebastian Hare, PricewaterhouseCoopers
The range of programmes run by PwC, the benefits to the organisation and to students who take part, and what makes for good work experience.


Case stories


Madeline Woolfenden,
St Brendan's Sixth Form Coll, Bristol
Working with Career Academies (UK), local employers, young people and parents to develop programmes in business, sports and performing arts.


Wendy Stevens,
Birmingham Metropolitan FE College
How the College works with employers to listen to their needs, establish a relationship and build a personalised student/employer engagement model.


Claire Goodwill,
Walker Technology College, Newcastle
How bringing personalised vocational work experience to students supported transition into employment and improved attendance and attainment.


Lin Proctor,
Pimlico Academy
The importance of senior leadership buy-in to work experience programmes, and the benefits to young people of broader experience of the world of work.

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