Evidence-informed education

Our current work in this area

NFER is a partner in the Coalition for Evidence-based Education (CEBE), working with the Institute for Effective Education to provide CEBE’s secretariat. CEBE is an alliance of researchers, policymakers and practitioners who are interested in improving the way research evidence is accessed and used across the sector. Its aim is to provide a platform to share ideas, set up new collaborative projects and host events.

We are also involved in a number of research projects designed to enhance our understanding of the different ways in which schools and colleges can and do engage with research and in enquiry, and to explore the barriers and enablers of doing so. These projects will also shed more light on the relative impacts and effectiveness of different approaches to the coordination and delivery of such activities.

They include:

NFER also provides a range of products and services to help schools and colleges engage with research and in enquiry. These include: