Keeping children and young people on the path to success

One of the central drives of government policy in recent years has been to aim to ensure that all children and young people can benefit from education and the other services available to them. This is fundamental to both the Children’s Plan and the Every Child Matters framework. This goal also underlies NFER’s mission statement and much of our research has looked at how the benefits of education and other services can be extended to include all children and young people, including those groups who have been ‘hard to reach’ or to engage in formal education, or who have ‘underachieved’ for one reason or another.

NFER research has covered children and young people’s decision-making processes, including choices about school subjects, careers, and FE and HE. There is also a strong strand of research looking at NEETs (those not in education, employment or training) and at groups who drop out of formal education.

Alongside this, we have looked at participation and non-participation, and achievement and underachievement, by means of a number of important national evaluations of various programmes and initiatives, including the Young Apprenticeship Programme, Diplomas, and Skills for Work/Functional Skills

Selected research projects

Careers co-ordinators in school
Client: DCSF | NFER Contact: Marian Morris

Change engagement comparative study
Client: TDA | NFER Contact: Peter Rudd

Disengagement and re-engagement of young People in learning at key stage 3
Clients: Nuffield Foundation, Research in Practice, NFER | NFER Contact: Marian Morris

The effects of the school environment on young people's attitudes towards education and learning
Client: Partnerships for Schools | NFER Contact: Peter Rudd

An evaluation of Chemistry for our Future
Client: Royal Society of Chemistry | NFER Contact: Suzanne Straw

Evaluation of Skills for Work pilot courses
Client: Scottish Executive | NFER Contact: Thomas Spielhofer

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of the 'Gifted and Talented Education' Leading Teacher Programme
Client: National Strategies | NFER Contact: Matthew Walker

Evaluation of the implementation and impact of Diplomas
Client: DCSF | NFER Contact: Sarah Golden

Evaluation of the Reach for Excellence Programme
Client: The Sutton Trust | NFER Contact: Emily Lamont

An exploration of training and support issues for those working with children, young people and families from Traveller, Irish Traveller, Gypsy, Roma and Show People Communities
Client: CWDC | NFER Contact: Kerry Martin

The impact of 14 to 16 year-olds on Further Education colleges
Client: NFER | NFER Contact: Tami McCrone

Increasing participation: understanding young people who do not participate in education or training at 16 or 17
Client: DCSF | NFER Contact: Sarah Golden

The NFER review of the role of Primary Mental Health Workers in education
Client: NFER | NFER Contact: Emily Lamont

Non-formal learning: good practice in re-engaging young people who are NEET
Client: LGA | NFER Contact: Thomas Spielhofer

Primary modern foreign languages: survey of implementation of national entitlement to language learning at Key Stage 2
Client: DCSF | NFER Contact: Pauline Wade

Review of ICT-based resources for personal finance education
Client: Personal Finance Education Group | NFER Contact: David Kerr

School inspections - international literature review
Client: CfBT Education Trust | NFER Contact: Peter Rudd

Using social software for teaching and learning
Client: NFER | NFER Contact: Peter Rudd

Why choose physics and chemistry? The influences on physics and chemistry subject choices of BME students
Clients: Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics  NFER Contact: Iain Springate

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