Independent audit of activities: Bloodhound Engineering Adventure

Client: Royal Academy of Engineering | NFER Contact: Suzanne Straw

The Bloodhound Engineering Project is a four-year project, the aim of which is to design and build a Super Sonic Car (SSC) that will break the World Land Speed Record. Linked to the project is the ‘Bloodhound Education Adventure’ (BEA) which aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The BEA consists of a variety of components aimed at the different school levels and the community more broadly. Schools/colleges can take advantage of specially developed Bloodhound SSC-themed curriculum materials, classroom experiments and exercises, whilst university-level engineering and technology students will be provided with access to real design challenges and test data. Activities are being implemented in conjunction with partner organisations such as Young Engineers, Engineering Explained, Greenpower and F1 in Schools.

The aim of the audit is for an independent organisation to explore the progress of the BEA to date including engagement with, and usage of, its website, SSC-themed curriculum resource materials, activities and events. The audit will inform the future development of the BEA.

Time scale: July 2009 – November 2009

NFER Project Code: BLDZ

Research report/findings