Careers co-ordinators in schools

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Research questions

The main aim of the research is to inform the development of a new careers co-ordinator qualification. DCSF’s needs are for detailed insights into current practice, an estimation of potential demand for a new careers coordinator qualification and recommendations and guidance to inform its development. In particular, the DCSF wish to develop:

Impact and outcomes

The research will underpin the development of a new national qualification for careers coordinators. Two main reports are envisaged:

In addition, the ongoing research study and its outcomes will be publicised widely through professional associations such as the Association for Careers Education (ACEG) and the Institute of Career Guidance (ICG), through the Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Support Programme website as well as the NFER, NICEC and CRAC websites and through at least one research seminar organised by CRAC.

Research design and methods

The research design will comprise three separate strands of data collection.


The main audiences for different elements of this study will be:

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