Civic engagement among young people 2001-2011 

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Research Design

CELS-CiT is based around two interlinked surveys:
a longitudinal survey of young people in England and cross-national survey of young people in Great Bri

Longitudinal survey of young people in England
This survey tracks the cohort of young people who entered secondary school in 2002 and are therefore the first to have a continuous entitlement to citizenship education. Tracking started with the CELS 2001-2009 longitudinal survey which ran between ages 11 and 18, when young people were in years 7, 9, 11 and 13, and is based on a complete cohort of pupils from a sample of 75 schools. As part of CELS-CiT, a sample of about 1,200 young people are being surveyed again in 2011, at age 20, in what will be the fifth survey wave. In addition, a top-sample of 300 young people is being added to the study in order to ensure that our sample remains representative of the original population of respondents who were sampled in Year 7.

Up to 2009 the survey was conducted via schools and further education colleges, either on paper or on-line, and in all of the participating institutions one senior manager and five teachers were also asked to complete questionnaires. The current survey is being conducted via face-to-face interviews in respondents’ homes to enhance response rates and to ensure that as broad a range of young people as possible are reached.

The latest findings from this survey can be found in the 8th and final annual report from CELS and further details of the CELS surveys are accessible here.

Cross-national survey of young people in Great Britain
This is a survey of 1,000 young people in England and 500 in each of Scotland and Wales. Respondents will be aged 18 to 24 and will be surveyed on-line via existing survey panels. The data from  this survey will be cross-referenced with, and serve to contextualise, findings from the CELS-CiT longitudinal survey which is being conducted in England only.

Future availability of data: The CELS-CiT data sets will be made available to researchers after the study ends in 2012. The data will be anonymised to protect the privacy of the participants.