Evaluation of Discover LabSkills

Client: Royal Society of Chemistry | NFER Contact: Suzanne Straw 

Discover LabSkills is a partnership between the Royal Society of Chemistry/Discover Chemistry and BristolChemLabs. The project involves the dissemination of an AS LabSkills CD to Chemistry PGCE teachers (and later to teachers in secondary schools) with the aim of the resource being used to support teaching practice. The CD has been developed by BristolChemLabs. The number of schools who will receive a copy of the CD is approximately 1000-1500 (around 30% of schools).

The main aim of the evaluation is to gather data on how the CD has been used in schools, its effectiveness and outcomes and any improvements that are needed. Findings will be used to enhance the resource and build a case for future funding. The evaluation includes: the administration of a proforma with Chemistry PGCE teachers and telephone interviews with: 15 Chemistry PGCE teachers; 20 Chemistry PGCE tutors; and 20 PGCE teacher mentors/supervisors in schools.

March 2009 – July 2009

NFER Project Code: SEO