NFER evaluation of the Reach for Excellence Programme - Cohort 1

The first Cohort of 119 students enrolled in 2007 and completed the programme in July 2009. The evaluation included baseline surveys with 114 Cohort 1 students and 181 comparison students. We sent a follow-up survey to all students who completed the baseline questionnaire; 64 RfE students and 89 comparison students returned this. We also gathered data on A-level grades and post-school/college destinations for 76 per cent of the 295 students who completed the baseline survey.

We followed up with Cohort 1 RfE students approximately 12 months after they completed the RfE programme. We received survey responses from 55 of the Cohort 1 students and carried out telephone interviews with 30 of them.

We later revisited the progress of the Cohort 1 students two and three years after they had completed RfE. Based on 39 survey responses, we found that two years after completing RFE, the students remained engaged in their university courses. Three years after completing RFE, we found that most students had gone onto graduate (based on 33 responses). This  demonstrates the longevity of the benefits of the RfE programme.


Further information on the Cohort 1 evaluation please read the following reports: