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In March 2006 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) launched the National Strategy for Financial Capability. The strategy sets out a seven-point programme, which includes a school programme. A central part of the work in schools will be the Learning Money Matters initiative, which will be delivered by Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg). Learning Money Matterswill provide help, support and advice for schools. It will also ensure that teachers feel confident and competent in their ability to deliver personal finance education (PFE).

More specifically it is intended that Learning Money Matters will:

The NFER has been commissioned to carry out an evaluative study of Learning Money Matters for pfeg.

Purpose and aims

The main objectives of the evaluation are to:

Design and methods

The research methodology comprises four distinct strands as follows.

Project outcomes

A formative interim report will be submitted by July 2008, based on the findings from the first phase of the evaluation. The report will also make recommendations for the further refinement of the programme.

A final summative report (July 2009) will provide a similar account of the second phase of the evaluation, comparing the findings to those from the first phase in order to identify any changes in the use and impact of Learning Money Matters.

Time scale: April 2007 - July 2009

NFER Project Code: LMM