Research projects

Measuring support for pupil progress – development of baseline and outcomes surveys

Project director: Julie Nelson
Project leader: Helen Poet
Sponsor: EEF
End date: April 2015

This project is now complete.

Schools have a variety of information and knowledge at their disposal when making decisions about how to support pupil progress. The variety of information sources they can draw on is wide, ranging from: self-generated ideas; through advice and guidance received from other schools and third-party or government organisations; to the promotional materials of suppliers; articles and summaries based on academic research; or continuing professional development programmes.


NFER has been asked by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to develop baseline and outcomes surveys that can be used to collect information from school staff about the different information they use to inform decisions on teaching and learning and to support pupil progress. The data gathered through these surveys is being used to create measures of information use across schools.

The draft outcomes survey was piloted in the autumn term 2014 with the help of schools, following which final versions of the surveys were created. We undertook a variety of analyses, including factor analysis, to refine the surveys and to develop a series of common outcome measures.


A detailed technical report has been produced for current and future evaluators explaining how the surveys should be administered, the range of analyses that can be undertaken and the ways in which to calculate scores for the outcome measures.

It is intended that the surveys will be used by a wide range of educational organisations (including schools) in future to measure the information and knowledge that schools draw on when making decisions about supporting pupil progress.

In order to avoid any contamination effects within projects that are currently exploring these issues, the surveys and report are not being made public yet. Publication is likely to follow in 2017.

Project code: EEFO