The impact of Government policies and initiatives in increasing participation in STEM study and employment

Client: NFER | NFER Contact: George Bramley

The need to increase participation in STEM study and the STEM employment is a common concern to policy makers across most developed economies. This project aims to explore the range of Government policies and initiatives in this area, and explore whether they are leading to any measurable increases in participation in STEM subjects and employment. The research will also examine the international context and endeavour to identify examples of good practice that may be applicable to the UK.

The project will consist of a document review of UK and international literature, consultation with an international panel of experts, interviews with key partners and stakeholders, and the facilitation of a discussion workshop with high level UK stakeholders.

The audience would comprise: key policy makers and strategists, academics, researchers, educationalists, learned societies and institutes and representatives of relevant Sector Skills Councils, employer representative bodies and industry.

Timescale: December 2008 – July 2009

NFER Project Code: IST