Providing for the Future: Evidence on readiness for apprenticeship reform

Project Director: David Sims
Project Leader: Tami McCrone
Sponsor: NFER and AELP
End date: Winter 2016

This is an exploratory small-scale study in partnership with the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), the aim of which is to inform future policy and practice with evidence on how providers of apprenticeships are preparing for the new apprenticeship reforms, including their current knowledge, their areas of concern, and state of readiness and help required.


We will carry out qualitative telephone interviews with a range of apprenticeship providers. Following analysis we will hold an emerging findings meeting between AELP and NFER and will write a short report which will include implications for policy and practice. The focus will be on apprenticeship delivery to young people aged 16-25 Years old but all-age apprenticeships will be included in the research.