Research and analysis on the changing role and influence of senior support staff in schools

Client: The National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services | NFER Contact: Matthew Walker

In the context of school and workforce reform, and expectations that non-Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) support staff will continue to contribute to the realisation of the DCSF vision of a ‘21st Century School’, the National College commissioned NFER to conduct timely research into the changing role of senior support staff in schools. The overarching aim of the study was to establish a comprehensive picture of the range and roles of non-QTS staff in schools who are members of the school Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The study incorporated an initial scoping stage comprising an analysis of current national data and existing research literature pertaining to the deployment, development and impact of senior non-QTS staff in schools, and case-study visits. Reporting will identify the roles being undertaken in schools by non-QTS staff who are members of the school SLT and the impact of these roles on wider leadership teams and school effectiveness and improvement.

Time scale: November 2009 – March 2010.
Publication of the findings is expected towards the end of 2010.

NFER Project Code: ICR

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