Service Children's Education

Client: Service Children's Education | NFER contact: Helen Marshall

Service Children’s Education (SCE) has responsibility for, and represents the interests of, children in Service schools in nine countries around the world. Since 2004, SCE has commissioned NFER to undertake an annual questionnaire survey of parental satisfaction with the school or Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) setting that their child attends. The surveys are used by the SCE to continue to assess whether the needs of these service families are being met and whether parents are satisfied with the education that their children are receiving. Since 2007, in addition to exploring levels of parental satisfaction, the questionnaire has explored parents’ opinions on how their child’s school works towards each of the five ECM outcomes. Parents have been asked to give their views of schools’ provision for:

The outcomes of this survey are used to help inform schools and SCE of any areas with potential for improvement, along with areas of particular strength.

NFER Project Codes: APV, APVZ

Survey reports