Securing the wellbeing and health of children and young people

The Every Child Matters agenda clearly stated the need to look at all areas of a child’s well-being to inform the support and services they might require in order to achieve the ECM outcomes. The NFER has worked on projects across the ECM agenda supporting policy makers and local authorities in their work across this area. Recent work has included the NFERs continued role in the Centre for Excellence in Outcomes (C4EO), including the vulnerable children and child poverty themes. Other work commissioned by National Strategies, DCSF, LGA and individual local authorities has included an evaluation of the ‘Empowering Young People’ pilot, development and delivery of the Tellus 4 and Tellus 5 surveys, work on ‘Narrowing the Gap’ and individual local authority surveys of children and young people.

Selected research projects

Consulting children and young people in Sheffield
Client: Sheffield City Council | NFER Contact: Fiona Walker

Empowering young people pilots
Client: DCSF | NFER Contact: Sarah Golden

Evaluating regional pilots for improving children's services
Client: LGA | NFER Contact:

Evaluation of the Children in Trouble projects
Client: LGA | NFER Contact: Karen Halsey

Evaluation of the PhunkyFoods Programme
Client: Purely Nutrition Ltd | NFER Contact: David Teeman

Evaluation of the role of early years professionals
Client: Children's Workforce Development Council | NFER Contact: Matthew Walker

Evaluation of the Youth Opportunity Fund and the Youth Capital Fund
Client: DfES | NFER Contact: Marian Morris

An exploration of training and support issues for those working with children, young people and families from Traveller, Irish Traveller, Gypsy, Roma and Show People Communities
Client: CWDC | NFER Contact: Kerry Martin

Improving the outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils
Client: DCSF | NFER Contact: Anne Wilkin

Increasing participation: understanding young people who do not participate in education or training at 16 or 17
Client: DCSF | NFER Contact: Sarah Golden

The NFER review of the role of Primary Mental Health Workers in education
Client: NFER | NFER Contact: Emily Lamont

Non-formal learning: good practice in re-engaging young people who are NEET
Client: LGA | NFER Contact: Thomas Spielhofer

School inspections - international literature review
Client: CfBT Education Trust | NFER Contact: Peter Rudd

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