NFER Reception Baseline Assessment
The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

How it works

The NFER Reception Baseline school pack includes a teacher guide with all the information you need to help you carry out the assessment and a resource pack with all of the practical resources you will need. Find out more about what’s included here. No additional training is required for Early Years practitioners to administer the assessment or interpret the results.     Video: NFER Reception Baseline Assessment in use

Recording outcomes

Before you can administer the assessment, you will need to upload individual details for each pupil entering a reception class. You can then administer the assessment either by recording observations directly onto the online system using a tablet, PC or laptop, or via the individual paper pupil record booklet. Any data obtained via the paper pupil record booklet will need to be entered into the secure online system in order to obtain scores and reports.    

The assessment itself

There are four components to the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment: two sets of activities for you to work through with each child and two checklists (one optional) to complete. The teacher guide or online system will tell you what resources are required for each task and give detailed instructions about how to administer the assessment. All instructions are clear and easy to manage.

Routing and discontinuation

When the child has completed the task, you will record the yes/no outcome either directly into the online system or on each individual paper pupil record booklet. Should a child not be able to do a task (or set of tasks), the system or booklet will route you to the next task appropriate for that child‘s level of development (this will be done automatically if using the online system). This routing ensures that a child never faces the undue stress of completing a task that is not appropriate to them. The teacher guide will contain ‘discontinuation rules’ to follow when a child cannot complete a task (or set of tasks).    

Reports and age-adjusted scores

Once the three core elements are all completed and the data has been entered onto the online system (either during the assessment or after), the system will automatically calculate a scaled score, an age-adjusted score and produce a range of reports, including: Individual Pupil Profile Reports, Cohort Profile Report and Individual Pupil Report (for parents). Should you wish to do the optional Foundations of Learning checklist, the results will also be presented (separately) in the reports. More information and sample reports can be found here.


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