NFER Reception Baseline Assessment

The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

How to order

If you are ordering the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment for the first time, please use this page and complete the order form below or use one of the following links to download an order form. If you have already used the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment, you can renew here.

Please email your completed Word/PDF form(s) to:, or fax it to 01753 790114, or post it to NFER Baseline Assessment, Research Operations, NFER, The Mere, Upton Park, Slough, SL1 2DQ.

Terms and conditions

Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before placing an order.

NFER Reception Baseline Assessment is not available to non-school customers. The DfE have confirmed they will not reimburse schools the cost of using the existing reception baseline assessments in the 2017 to 2018 academic year. More information can be found here.

Item Quantity
in pack

School pack: (including access to the online system for one academic year and one resource pack with teacher guide)

1 £225.00
Additional resource pack (including a teacher guide - optional) 1 £50.00
Individual pupil record pack - optional 10 £10.00


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As this is the first time you are ordering this product, you will need to order the 'school pack'. This includes access to the online recording and analysis tool for one academic year and one resource pack (including teacher guide).

If you wish to order extra resource packs so that more of your teachers/teaching assistants can conduct the assessment at one time, please indicate the number of additional packs below.

If you would prefer to administer the assessment using individual pupil record booklets, rather than using the online system, please indicate the number of packs of pupil booklets you require below, in addition to the school pack. (Please note you will still need to record the individual question responses for each child online to be able to receive the scaled scores and reporting).

Item   Number of packs required
School pack (including access to the online recording and analysis tool for one academic year and one resource pack with teacher guide)   Required?
Yes No
Additional resource packs (including teacher guide)  
Individual pupil record pack. There are 10 booklets in each pack (including task and routing details for the assessment)  

Orders of these assessment materials will be despatched according to our terms and conditions.
This order form is for NFER Reception Baseline Assessment for use from the beginning of September 2017.
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