NFER Reception Baseline Assessment
The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

Sample Reports

Cohort Profile Report (for schools)

2016 Cohort Profile


The Cohort Profile Report provides schools with information for a group of pupils. Schools can select the whole year group, or a particular class, or filter by background information such as boy/girl, or pupil premium. It may be particularly useful for school management information and analysis.

The report includes cohort average scaled scores and age-adjusted scores for the assessment overall and for each core component separately (Mathematics and Communication, Language and Literacy [CLL]).

The graph at the bottom of the report provides schools with useful information regarding the cohort’s average age-adjusted scores (for each component) compared with the national average. The cohort scores for the optional Foundations of Learning checklist are shown separately.

NEW: Year-on-year cohort comparison report

2017 Cohort Comparison


This report shows the average scale and age-adjusted scale scores achieved by each cohort in your school that has taken the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment. These are shown for the assessment overall, the mathematics component and communication, language and literacy component.

The scaled scores show how each cohort performed against the national sample. The average age-adjusted scaled scores are also shown to take account of the average age of cohort – i.e. if one cohort has a lot of summer born children your standardised cohort scores may be lower than previously, but your age-standardised scores may be comparable with the previous year (s) once the age of the children is taken into account. The same scores appear on the cohort reports for each intake but are summarised here in one report for comparison.

The average score is presented by a white square and all scores are represented with confidence bands, denoted by the horizontal black lines either side of the square.

Please see the Teacher Guide for a full explanation of scores. The cohort scores for the optional Foundations of Learning checklist are shown separately.


What does the assessment tell school leaders about the intake?

School leaders can gain a quick overview of their baseline results by using the cohort report. You can choose the whole Reception intake, a class, or a group, such as boys or girls, English as an additional language or pupil premium. The scaled scores give a robust indication of where the school stands compared to a national sample. They can form the basis of discussions for leadership teams, governors and Ofsted.