NFER Reception Baseline Assessment
The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

Sample Materials

Sample class level outputs

The scores output spreadsheet lists all the children assessed with scaled scores and age-adjusted scores by component and overall. It provides a class overview and suggests whether children are doing better overall in one area of learning than another.

To drill down further, use the tasks and items outputs, which give scores for each task and then break this down even further to show each child’s correct and incorrect responses for each element within each task. The shading in the items spreadsheet should help to identify strengths and weaknesses across the class. It can be used in several ways: to review curriculum emphases in whole class planning; to group children for specific teaching and learning; or to focus on the pattern of results for a particular child to inform an individual support plan.

The items spreadsheet also shows how each sub-task maps to an Early Years Outcomes statement, an Early Learning Goal or a Characteristic of Effective Learning. This information provides a further source of evidence about children’s starting points, from which further progress can be monitored.


Class score report (2016) - Web version


Class score report (2016) - Print version


Class task report (2016) 


Class item report (2016)