NFER Reception Baseline Assessment
The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

Sample Reports

Individual Pupil Profile (for parents) - optional

This sample Individual Report (for parents) provides information for the school to share with parents / carers should they wish to do so. It includes a clear explanation of the baseline assessment and straightforward diagrams rather than numerical scores.

The report provides parents with information as to their child’s result overall and for Mathematics and Communication, Language and Literacy [CLL] separately. There is also a separate Foundations of Learning [FoL] parent report for schools who choose to complete this optional component.


2016 pupil profile with Foundation of Learning checklist


2016 pupil profile without Foundation of Learning checklist


How do we tell parents about baseline assessment?

There is no requirement to share the results of the baseline assessment with parents. Schools may choose to give parents and carers the results of the baseline assessment, in the context of broader information about how a child is settling into school. The individual report is there for this purpose and specifically aimed at parents and carers. It starts with an explanation of the nature and purpose of the baseline assessment. The information from the assessment is presented as a diagram, indicating whether the child falls within the expected range in each area of learning. These diagrams are based on the age adjusted scores, to show parents how their child compares to others of the same age (in months). The overall scaled score also appears in diagram form. There is space on the report for the teacher to add comments and record points from the discussion with parents.