NFER Reception Baseline Assessment
The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

Sample Reports

Individual Pupil Profile Report (for schools)

2016 Individual Pupil
Profile (for schools)


The Individual Pupil Profile (for schools) provides information for practitioners for each individual child.

The information contained within the Individual Pupil Profile details the child’s background information: name, date of birth, date the assessment was completed and their age in months (on completion of the assessment).

The report provides the child’s overall scaled score and overall age-adjusted score across the two core components: Mathematics and Communication, Language and Literacy [CLL]). It also shows scaled and age-adjusted scores for these two components separately.

The scores for the optional Foundations of Learning checklist are shown separately.

The graph at the bottom of the report provides practitioners with useful information regarding the child’s age-adjusted scores (for each component) compared with the national average.


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