NFER Reception Baseline Assessment

The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

Sample reports and what the assessment can tell you

The NFER Reception Baseline Assessment provides much more than an overall scaled score for each child. There is a range of other outcomes which can be very useful for schools and practitioners.

Once the core components have been completed and the data has been entered onto the online system, the system will automatically calculate scaled scores and age-adjusted scores for each core component and overall. The reporting system provides a range of reports, including: Individual Pupil Profile Report (for schools), Cohort Profile Report and Individual Pupil Report (for parents). Should you wish to complete the optional Foundations of Learning checklist, the results will also be reported (separately). The use of any or all of these reports is completely optional.

Example reports are shown below. Click on the link to view the report and an explanation of its content. The revised reports for 2016/17 were developed to take into account the useful feedback provided by 2015 users.

Example reports

Cohort Profile Report
(for schools)
  Individual Pupil Profile
(for parents)
  Individual Pupil Profile
(for schools)

Sample class level outputs

Export reports


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