NFER Reception Baseline Assessment

The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

Online administration

You can administer NFER Reception Baseline Assessment either by recording observations directly onto the online system, or via the individual paper pupil record booklet. Any data obtained via the paper pupil record booklet will need to be entered into the online system in order to obtain scores and reports. This online system developed with Assessment Foundation is a secure site which can be accessed from your PC, tablet or laptop.


Getting started

Your school will be provided with a school administrator login. An administrator will first need to login and add details for each practitioner who will be conducting assessments. Each individual will then be assigned a personal login, allowing them to access the online system. Below is a walkthrough of the online system. Please note that all names used in this walkthrough are purely fictional and are not related in any way to real pupils or schools.


Landing page

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You can upload pupil data using the ‘Manage: Pupils’ tab from the list on the left hand side of the screen. Pupil data can be uploaded in bulk via a CTF, csv or Excel file.


Assessment grid

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To launch the assessment and begin recording outcomes online you will need to select the ‘Assessments’ tab. This will bring up all preloaded pupil data displayed in alphabetical order. You can choose to view ‘all’ pupils, or view by class.


Assessment grid expanded

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To begin recording outcomes, select the name of the pupil from the assessment grid. You can start, pause, and resume each component of the assessment, and the Foundations of Learning checklist (optional) at any time. You may pause the assessment for one child and start recording the assessment for another child at any time, resuming recordings for the previous child when appropriate.


Start confirmation

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When selecting ‘start’ you will receive a start confirmation for each child. To begin recording the assessment click ‘Yes Start’To begin recording the assessment click 'Online'. If you wish to transcribe answers from the Pupil Record Booklet, click 'Paper'. 


Task 1

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When selecting “Yes Start” you will be presented with the first task of the assessment component you have selected. The online system will tell you what resources are required for each task and give detailed instructions about how to administer the assessment. Here you will record the yes/no outcome. Should a child not be able to do a task (or set of tasks), you will automatically be routed to the next task appropriate for that child‘s level of development.



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As well as task-based components, there are two checklists (one optional) to complete. Here you will record the yes/no outcome. This list can be completed over different sessions, as appropriate. Outcomes already recorded can be saved and will not be submitted until all items on the checklist have been completed.


Pupil actions

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You may edit the data for an individual pupil at any point by selecting the ‘Manage pupils’ tab.


Pupil edit

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Core information such as the pupil's date of birth, name or gender can be edited if needed. Some school-specific information can also be added, such as which nursery each child attended or if a child is part of a specific group or club.


Access to online system