NFER Reception Baseline Assessment

The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment

What schools think

Feedback on the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment has been extremely positive. Early Years practitioners using our assessment in 2015 observed it as a very useful tool for:




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St Ursula’s RC Infant School, Romford, Greater London

  The ease with which the reports could be generated was
  impressive. We would also like to thank NFER for the support
  during the process.
Desiree le Roux, Assistant Headteacher

Broadwater Primary School, Worthing, West Sussex

  NFER's baseline was a wonderful tool for securing a real insight
  into the capability of each child, thus validating the schools'
  opinion of each child.

"The staff at my school have been very impressed with the reports that came out of the assessment."


"Very well structured system. I will be ordering it again for next year."


"The system was fantastic to work with and it's great that NFER take the results and send them to DfE for us."

"Accurate, evidence based judgements are given. Time spent talking to and working with individual children gives a mass of information and strengthens relationships"


"It was very detailed and I have learnt a great deal about the children during these tests which will help support the children in future"


"It gives clear on entry assessment to help us see the starting points. It is a robust way of testing and cannot be open to interpretation"

"I liked the time it allowed pupils and teachers to spend together on a one-to-one basis. All of the children clearly enjoyed this aspect"


"It covers a wide range of tasks and enables you to have a clear picture and starting point for each child. It clearly shows next steps"


"It’s very straightforward and it’s great to have all the resources provided for you"

"You have other children coming up to you saying 'can I have my turn now"


“Comprehensive assessment. Easy to follow. Compatible results”


"Good resources that kept the child interested"


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