NFER Reception Baseline Assessment

The practical, child-friendly baseline assessment


We understand that choosing a baseline provider is an important decision, which is why schools can rest assured that NFER’s specialist team, which includes assessment experts and Early Years practitioners, has developed an assessment approach which is practical, easy to administer and robust.

The NFER Reception Baseline Assessment is a reliable assessment that provides a snapshot of children’s starting points at the beginning of Reception and enables teachers to tailor support for each child.

Below are some of the key features that make the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment the ideal choice:

Feedback from schools

"Overall easy to use, pupils enjoyed it. Easy to input data and good/easy to use reports for school and parents."


"Did not rely wholly on observations by practitioners – which can be
subjective/difficult to moderate."

"This baseline assessment actually informed my planning and teaching for individuals. Therefore, not only providing a baseline to measure from but relevant information to develop learning."


"Accurate, evidence based judgements are given. Time spent talking to and working with individual children gives a mass of information and strengthens relationships."

We have consistently received great feedback on our baseline assessment. We asked schools who used the NFER Reception Baseline Assessment in 2015 to tell us what they think. Below are some of the key findings from the survey:

Background Information

NFER has over 70 years experience in designing excellent assessment products for schools around the country and have a long history of expertise in Early Years assessment.