Welcome to NFER’s online guidance for people who are interested in working with young researchers. By ‘young researchers’ we mean children and young people up to age 19, who are actively involved in social research – for example, investigating an issue of interest to them, their school or the services they access.

This resource is mainly aimed at adults who want to work with young researchers but are unsure about how to do so. If you are completely or relatively new to working with young researchers, and need some starter-level advice, this guidance is for you.

If you work in an early years setting, a school, a sixth form college, a local authority, or a children’s charity, you may well already seek young people’s views on decision-making, service design or evaluation. This guidance will help you to take it a step further, by involving young people as researchers, rather than research participants. As you read through the guidance, you’ll probably find that you already have many of the skills that you need to facilitate a young researchers’ project.

If you already have experience in working with young researchers, you might find the resources available here more suitable.