About the Developing Young Researchers' project

In 2003, NFER began working on the ‘Investigating the research-engaged school’ programme. This involved 15 primary and secondary schools making a commitment to put research at the heart of their work. Their local authorities and NFER supported them to do this. Some of the schools participating in the project wanted to collect the views of children and young people as part of their action research projects. A few went further, by developing young researchers to collect information themselves. Although several comprehensive resource packs existed on the subject, there was little ‘starter-level’ guidance available to help adults wishing to encourage young researchers. The Developing Young Researchers' project was born out of a desire to fill that gap.

NFER worked with four partners on the Developing Young Researchers project:

Each partner carried out their own young researchers' project and shared the learning with us. In addition, a group of young researchers acted as the project reference group, advising the NFER team and sharing their own views and experiences. Together with NFER’s own review of the literature, this input has formed the mainstay of this online guidance. We would like to thank our partners and advisory group for all their help in bringing this guidance to life.

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