Managing the project

deciding roles and responsibilities | developing a project plan and monitoring progress | communication and information sharing

How to develop a project plan and monitor progress

It can help to write a project plan, which gives a start and end date for each research activity and states who is responsible for which activities. You could also include details of the support or training that you will need to provide to your team at each stage of the project. Here is an example of what your project plan could look like.

It can be difficult to estimate how long individual tasks will take. The classic mistake is to be optimistic about how quickly the team can collect the data, meaning that the analysis and writing up has to be rushed. You will need to take account of school holidays and periods when you and the group may not be able to give much time to the project (such as exam time).

Make sure that everyone signs up to the project plan and review progress against it as you go along. You could make this a standing agenda item at team meeting, so that the group ticks off tasks as it completes them.