Planning to set out

Get buy-in from senior managers | Involve young people
Facilitate a young researchers' project | Ensure a project is conducted ethically.

How to facilitate a young researchers' project

It is important to be clear about what your role as facilitator of a young researchers' project is, so give this some thought upfront. The young researchers that we talked to said they liked having an adult to help them with some parts of their research projects in particular. They felt that adults can help young researchers by:

Giving the young researchers the right balance of support, challenge and autonomy is crucial to maintaining their engagement in the project. Ideally, you should aim for young people to take ownership of the research as much as possible.

Taking a step back and facilitating – rather than directing – the project can be challenging. It involves a different relationship between you and the young people than the usual student-teacher or service user/provider relationship. The best way forward is to ask the team how they would like things to work – what tasks they would like to take responsibility for themselves and which they would like you (or another adult) to either take on or support them with.