Case Study: Ossett Academy and Sixth Form College

What was the research question and how was it chosen?

The project focussed on the questioning styles that teachers use. The students chose this topic.

Who were the researchers?

A group of secondary school students led the project, supported by a teacher. It was easy to recruit students to the project, as the school has an active core of engaged students. Attracting more disengaged students was a lot more difficult.

What methods did the young researchers use?

The group used observations, student and teacher paper questionnaires and an online questionnaire with some parents (of two different classes). They later analysed and triangulated the data themselves, with support from the facilitator.

How were the young researchers supported?

The facilitator supported the group by:

What challenges did the young researchers experience, and how were these overcome?

Challenge Overcome by...
Some students were worried about ethics, legalities and confidentiality. Reassurance, guidance and training from the facilitator
Questionnaire design and sampling
Refining the research question
Analysing the data, which some students found daunting
Dealing with inconclusive data and understanding that while there is not always a clear answer to a research question, there is nonetheless a value in investigating it